In celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, there has been a change around of the late May Bank Holiday. Initially, the May Bank Holiday would be Monday 30th May 2022, however this has been moved to Thursday 2nd June 2022, and there is also an additional bank holiday on Friday 3rd June 2022.

We advise you to check your employee contracts to see how these date amendments and additional bank holiday will affect your employees. Contracts can differ, some being more specific and some being more flexible, so it is careful to look at the way contracts are worded.

For example, if a contract says that employees are given all Bank Holidays, this will mean that any day that is designated as a Bank Holiday this year will be given as a day off.

Or perhaps a contract may give specific dates for the Bank Holidays, and if these are changed (like the May Bank Holiday), they may only be able to have the initial date given off work. However, this is down to the discretion of the employer, as they can make amendments to the contract if this is something that is asked for by employees or if the employer decides to close on new Bank Holidays that are not stated in the existing contract.

It is advised to give your employees as much notice as possible on your decision as Employer, so they know where they stand with these Bank Holiday changes in 2022.

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