Since there are currently a lot of employees who have found themselves getting closer and closer to the higher tax rate bracket, we have some handy tax saving tips below to help you keep out of it and to take home even more of what you earn.

  1. Professional fees and subscriptions

If you have professional membership fees or annual subscriptions that you pay for yourself, you’re able to claim tax relief on them (provided they are approved professional bodies).

  1. Annual Allowance

Make sure to make full use of your Annual Allowance, which is currently £40,000. Annual Allowance is the amount of money you’re able to save in your pension pot per tax year before you have to start paying tax.

  1. Business miles

If you’re having to use your own car for business related purposes (this does not include travelling to and from your place of work), you should be able to claim a deduction from your income if your employer is not already reimbursing you.

  1. Working from home

If you work from home due to the pandemic, you’re able to claim tax relief from any new additional costs that you have incurred from doing so. Under the flat rate allowance scheme, you can claim up to £6 a week.

  1. Charity gifts

If you’ve donated to charities, make sure you keep records that show the date, the amount you gifted and the name of the charity you’ve donated to so you can claim tax back though your Self Assessment tax return.

  1. Flat rate expenses

Depending on the industry you work in and if you’re employed by someone, you may incur work-related expenses during the course of your job – this can include simple things such as having to buy or clean your work uniform to having to spend your own money to repair/replace equipment that you need to do your job. For these sorts of things you are able to claim tax relief.

  1. Claiming tax relief on workplace pension contributions

Make sure that HMRC knows of any additional workplace pension contributions you make each year so you’re able to claim tax relief.

  1. Marriage allowance

If you’re married, you could save up to £252 per year on your tax bill. To do this, the Marriage Allowance allows you to transfer up to the limit of £1,260 of your Personal Allowance to your spouse or civil partner (if they are in the basic rate tax bracket).

  1. Subsistence costs

Employees are able to claim tax relief for subsistence if they incur expenditure from business travel or an overnight business trip.

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