The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) plays a pivotal role in the UK’s construction sector, regulating payments made to subcontractors. A standout feature of this scheme is the Gross Payment Status, which can exempt qualifying subcontractors from the standard 20% or 30% deduction.

What is Gross Payment Status?

Within the CIS framework, the Gross Payment Status emerges as a unique tax provision. It empowers subcontractors to receive their dues from contractors without any deductions, provided they meet certain criteria.

Key Requirements for Gross Payment Status

To be eligible for this coveted status, subcontractors must meet three primary criteria set by HMRC:

  1. History of Compliance: Demonstrable evidence of adherence to tax obligations, including timely tax return submissions, accurate record-keeping, and prompt tax payments.
  2. Scope of Work: The subcontractor’s activities should fall under the CIS umbrella, encompassing tasks like construction, repairs, demolition, and site preparation.
  3. Turnover Criterion: The turnover requirements vary based on the business’s legal structure. For instance, sole traders need a minimum turnover of £30,000 in the past year, excluding VAT.

The Application Process

Subcontractors can apply for the Gross Payment Status either during their CIS registration or afterwards. The process involves signing into the Government Gateway and following the prompts for the Construction Industry Scheme. Alternatively, they can call the CIS helpline or fill out the relevant form available on the government website.

Benefits of the Gross Payment Status

Achieving Gross Payment Status can significantly enhance a subcontractor’s profitability and cash flow. By eliminating deductions, subcontractors can retain the entire payment amount, bolstering their financial stability. However, it’s essential to stay updated with HMRC guidelines as thresholds might change between tax years.

Partnering with AIT Accountants

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