start up

Start-up businesses have a lot on their plate, and dealing with the taxman is just one of the many burdens of a new venture.

However, an experienced accountant is a valuable asset who can not only keep your financial affairs on the right track, but also be a valuable confidante.

Apart from saving you time, your accountant will, in all likelihood, save you money in unnecessary tax. Accountants in Solihull or elsewhere in the UK understand allowances and legitimate business expenses and will make sure you claim back all that is due to you.

What also needs highlighting is that having a good accountant can save any interference from the taxman. Using an accountant gives you credibility as the taxman knows you aren’t likely to be cutting corners.

Here at AIT Accountants, we advise you to ensure you talk to an accountant at the earliest opportunity. After all, it is frustrating to wait 12 months and then find advice that would have meant a lower tax bill.

Also, your accountant can advise the best business structure for you, whether that is a limited company, partnership or to operate as a sole trader.

Remember your accountant is likely to be well-connected too – they may even be able to help with a business plan and open doors to financial backers.

In essence, your accountant needs to be your number one business contact, which are there for you when you need them.

Here at AIT Accountants, unlike some other firms, we offer an initial chat, without charge to help you decide whether we are right for you.

A start-up business needs all the help and support it can get, so don’t waste time at the beginning of your venture – ensure you find the right accountant today.

We are happy to help, whatever your query, so give us a call on 0121 711 1957.