We live an era where many business people struggle to understand the financial side of running a small business, not for lack of intelligence, but lack of time.


It has meant that many in the professions have had to change and accountancy is one of those.


Small businesses have so many more demands, not least running payroll, submitting tax returns, marketing, sales etc., so the very best accountants have had to alter their offering to help SMEs, which are at the end of the day the lifeblood of the UK.


We recently happened on a blog from Sage, which demonstrates how the demands on small businesses have changed.


The simple fact is that small businesses often don’t know where to go for specific business advice on their individual needs, and that’s why the modern small accountancy practice is seen as the ‘go-to’ place for business advice.


Good accountants know their clients inside out and engage in regular dialogue – there to give hints and tips and to help be their confidante.


It’s about offering a proactive approach for clients where we ask the questions to help you, where we look to find technological solutions for today’s business conundrums.


Remember accountants have clients in many different walks of life. If we can help you prosper, then we will all prosper.


It’s a truly holistic approach helping everyone to win in business.


We don’t pretend to be experts in everything, but we might know some people who are. Remember this, and if your accountant isn’t offering this kind of service, then maybe it’s time to move on in 2020?


After all, we have many demands on our time and the easier it is to seek help in running your small business the better.


Anyone wishing to talk about this or any other matter regarding tax or accountancy, or general business advice, please contact us at AIT, where we will help, be it directly or indirectly.